Photos/ Video/ Podcasts

2013 WGBH Video
Newburyport Today Video
Video Slide Show

Photos by Matt

October 18th 2014 Jan’s Pitch for Breast Cancer and the Arts Fundraiser

October 4th 2014 Lowell Base Ball Nine vs. Newburyport Clamdiggers, EBBA Championship

July 27th Lynn Live Oaks vs. Lowell Base Ball Nine 
July 20 2014 Lynn Live Oaks vs. Portsmouth Rockinghams
July 13th 2014 Games
June 29th 2014 League Games

June 15th 2014 League Game
Essex vs. Georgetown Samosets June 1 2014
Lowell Nine vs. Lynn Live Oaks May 18th Opening Day 2014
Julia Zanette’s pictures from Jan’s Pitch Game part 2
Julia Zanette’s Photos part 1 of Jan’s Pitch Game
Matt Muise Photos from October 19th Jan’s Pitch for Breast Cancer
October 5th Championship Game
Lowell vs. Clamdiggers July 7 2013
Live Oaks vs. Lowell June 30th 2013
Mid Season Shots 2013
Clamdiggers vs. Live Oaks 6-2-2013
Opening Day 5-5-2013
2013 Preseason Rockingham Shoot
Newburyport vs. Lowell 7-10-2012
Lynn vs. Lowell 7-19-2012
Essex vs. Brooklyn 8-12-2012
Newburyport vs. Lynn 9/23/2012
September 19 2012

Link to Podcasts

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