Tewksbury Make Up Game


Join the Lowell Base Ball Nine and Lynn Live Oaks for some base ball 1864 rules.

Schedule for the day

1:00 Intro to Rules of game 
1:15 Kids play
2:00 National Anthem
2:05 Game 1 
3:30 10-minute Intermission
3:45 Game 

Rockinghams vs. Clamdiggers


Game 1 on Sunday was a lively demonstration as the Newburyport and Portsmouth batted around for combined outburst of 38 runs. The Rockinghams appeared to have victory safely in hand by the end of the 8th inning as they headed into the 9th with an eight run lead, however Newburyport’s hitters rallied mightily in the top of the 9th with 6 runs but eventually fell short of extending the game for the fans. The final tally was a scoreboard busting 20-18 with Portsmouth’s offense being led by Sean “Big Macky” Bakke who hit multiple blasts into the Left-Center gap while driving in several of Portsmouth’s base runners.   


Game 2 was another close match as Portsmouth jumped out to an early lead but the Clamdiggers chipped away in the middle innings and eventually took over the lead in the 8th inning with a 4 run rally. With an 11-8 lead in the top of the 9thinning, and with Portsmouth baserunners threatening to tie the game with only one out, the Clamdiggers swiftly demonstrated an unconventional but highly effective double play to secure the victory. The crowd on this day witnessed an amazing 57 runs cross home plate, and as the teams gathered to salute the crowd at least one fan yelled out to the weary teams to “play another”.