Lexington turns 300

Over Memorial Day weekend the Essex Base Ball Club traveled to Lexington, MA to celebrate Lexington’s 300th anniversary with a vintage base ball clinic and two four inning games.  In the morning members of the club showed about 25 kids the rules of 1860’s baseball and then let them play a few innings.  The kids enjoyed learning about the old baseballs, uniforms, and gloves.


After the clinic and despite several days of rain Essex took on two assembled nines from Lexington.  We only played a few innings and the score was forgotten quickly but both sides had a lot of fun. 


We would like to thank Lexington for putting together such a great event and we hope that we can play another game next year.


This coming weekend is jam packed with games.  The Essex Base Ball Club takes on Melrose on Saturday on Georges Island and then Sunday Essex Base Ball Association games return to Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm as the Lynn Live Oaks take on the Newburyport Clamdiggers.  The games Sunday will also be a fundraiser for the Civil War monument at the Atkinson Common in Newburyport.   


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Bud Fowler Weekend at Ommegang Brewery, Cooperstown NY

Bud Fowler Presentation Cooperstown, NY

Bud Fowler Presentation Cooperstown, NY

The Essex Base Ball Club traveled to Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY this past weekend to play against the Brooklyn Atlantics and Flemington Neshanocks of NJ but the weekend began with a presentation to celebrate the career of baseball pioneer, Bud Fowler. Bud Fowler, the first African American in professional baseball, pitched three games in 1878 for the Lynn Live Oaks. The town of Cooperstown, NY honored Fowler this past April by naming a street in town “Bud Fowler Way”, so the Essex Base Ball Organization presented the mayor of Cooperstown with a Lynn Live Oak uniform. We hope that the increased recognition of Fowler will help boost the chance of one day seeing Fowler in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

When it came to the games the first match between Essex and Brooklyn was a beauty. The score kept going back and forth but Essex was able to pull ahead in the 10th inning to take the victory. Unfortunately for the Essex boys that was the end of their winning ways as they lost two to Flemington and then the return match against the Atlantics. It was a wonderful weekend and there has already been talk of a bigger tournament next season. Thank you to Ommegang Brewery for hosting us this past weekend.

cooperstown.jpg”>In front of Doubleday Field Cooperstown, NY In front of Doubleday Field Cooperstown, NY[/caption][

Essex Travels to Cooperstown to Honor Bud Fowler

Bud Fowler

Bud Fowler

The Essex Base Ball Club will be traveling to Cooperstown, NY this weekend to participate in a mini tournament at Ommegang Brewery against the Brooklyn Atlantics of NY and Flemington Neshanocks of NJ. Along with playing games we will be paying tribute to a baseball pioneer, Bud Fowler. Bud Fowler was the first African American baseball player to play professionally when he pitched three games for the Lynn Live Oaks in 1878. Bud Fowler was actually from Cooperstown, NY and recently the town has named a square in his honor. On Saturday we will be presenting Jeff Katz, the mayor of Cooperstown, with an honorary Lynn Live Oak uniform. Check back for more on the trip when we get back.

Open Game Canceled

The open game on May 11th has been canceled due to the forecast of rain.  The Essex Base Ball Club will be heading to Cooperstown, NY on May 18th and 19th to participate in a tournament against Flemington and Brooklyn

Great Opening Weekend

The Essex Base Ball Association kicked off the 2013 season with two games featuring all four teams in the league. In the first game the new Portsmouth Rockinghams matched up against the Lynn Live Oaks. The youth of the Rockinghams showed and were able to run all over the field winning their inaugural match over the Oaks. In the second match of the day 2012 Association champion Lowell Baseball Nine took on the always tough Newburyport Clamdiggers. The Lowell Nine kept to their 2012 form and marched off to take a 10-2 lead going into the 9th. The Clamdiggers were able to tally 3 runs to make the final 10-5. It was a beautiful day with a great turnout. 2013 will be a great year for the Association.

On Saturday May 11th the Essex Base Ball Association will have an open game. All are welcome to come try their hand at playing. We have a few spots open on teams so if you are interested in playing in 2013 here is your chance to try it out.