Games Canceled

The Newburyport vs. Lynn game scheduled for July 29th has been canceled. The Essex BBC travels to Maryland and Brooklyn next weekend to take on the Elkton Eclipse, Diamond State BBC, and Brooklyn Atlantics. Essex returns to Massachusetts August 11th to take on the always tough Brooklyn Atlantics.

Matthew Muise Photography.

In a day where a digital camera rests in every person’s pocket, it isn’t everyday that still imagery can evoke emotion like it once did. Solely because he loves baseball and photography, Matthew Muise has been generous enough to spend the last couple of Sundays with the Essex Base Ball Club. Speaking as a player; there are no words possible to thank Matthew enough for these images. These photos evoke emotion. The photos are shots that each player will tuck away and show their grandchildren on another Sunday afternoon. A skilled hand; a great eye. Thanks Matthew.

Words from Matthew..“Now THIS is baseball as it should be. Non-profit, non-commercialized, played by players who look like they genuinely love THE GAME! Played on a farm field with outfielders diving for fly balls deep in the corn fields. A game where you don’t argue with the umpire, you discuss, using the honor system. I would take in a game here at the Spencer Pierce Little Farm on any Sunday afternoon at noontime rather than go to Fenway…”

Please enjoy this slideshow and the many, many more photos in Matthew’s galleries from each of the past Sundays. AND please keep Matthew in mind for the next time you want an event captured in emotion.

Newburyport v Lowell, July 8th Photos

Lowell v Lynn, July 15th Photos

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Lowell Wins four in a row

In the past two weeks the Lowell Baseball Nine has been able to take both ends of doubleheaders against the Lynn Live Oaks and Newburyport Clamdiggers.

Monday July 16th members of the Essex Base Ball Association travel to Lowell, MA to put on a demo prior to the Lowell Spinners Turn Back the Clock Night. Fun was had by all.

Next set of league games will feature the Lynn Live Oaks against the Newburyport Clamdiggers at 12pm at SPL Farm.