Due to the rain the Georges Island game has been canceled along with Hot Dogs and Hits. On Monday June 29th we will try the Hot Dogs and Hits game again at Endicott Park in Danvers, MA. We will have a kids game at 5pm and start our game at 6pm.

Essex Drops Two to Waterbury

In a rain soaked day the Essex Nine matched up against the powerful Waterbury Connors in Georgetown, MA. As usual the games were back and forth battles but in the end the Connors took the day. We would like to thank the Georgetown Historical Society for sticking through the rain and sponsoring the day for us. Hopefully next year the rain will stay away.

Game 1
Waterbury 11
Essex 5

Game 2
Essex 13
Waterbury 14

Up Next
Sunday June 21st come take your father out to Georges Island in Boston Harbor for an Essex vs. Lynn, Fathers Day showdown game. The games kick off at 12pm. Check their web site for info on the ferry schedule http://www.bostonislands.com

Monday June 22nd is the annual History, Hot Dogs, and Hits game in Danvers, MA. Game starts at 6pm.

Announcing the Ipswich Brewers

Essex and Lynn were both fortunate enough to head back to Spencer Pierce Farm in Newbury to take on the Bristol Blues and newly formed Ipswich Brewers this past Sunday. In four years of playing at the farm Sunday may have been the best weather we have ever had and the attendance for the games showed with close to 400 fans stopping by throughout the day.

The first game saw the Essex Nine matched up against the Bristol Blues and behind the masterful hurling of Bill “The Undertaker” Gendall marched off to an 11-3 victory. The Live Oaks went to the field next and despite keeping the game relatively close until the 9th inning, fell 18-8. The third game of the day saw 15 or so young children take on members of the Essex squad. Despite the youth and inexperience of the kids they were able to handily defeat the Essex players.

The last game of the day saw the newly formed Ipswich Brewers of Mercury Brewing Co play their inaugural game of the 2009 season. Members of the Essex and Lynn squads combined to take on the new club and despite their inexperience with the vintage rules kept the game close. The final score is not remembered, probably because the Brewers were kind enough to bring the beer truck with free samples, but a good time was had by all. The Ipswich Brewers have gotten uniforms and will be participating in several other vintage base ball games this summer. They seemed to pick up the vintage rules very quickly and the Essex Nine should be leery of their next match up Sunday July 26th in Ipswich, MA.

Next Game for Essex will be Sunday June 14th 12pm vs the always powerful Waterbury Connors. The game will be held at the Perley Elementary School (51 North St.) in Georgetown, MA. The game is sponsored by the Georgetown Historical Society.

Great Day of Games

The four teams that were represented at Endicott Park on the last day of May could not have asked for better weather for their day of vintage base ball. The first game saw the Essex Base Ball Club matched up against the Fitchburg Rollstones for the fifth time this season. The series was tied 2-2 and the tie breaker saw the Essex Nine march off to an early lead and never look back taking the game 10-3. In the second game the Fitchburg boys faced off against a mixed Dirigo and Lynn squad and despite a good game the Rollstones took the game. The last game of the day saw the Essex Nine paired against the Dirigo and Lynn team. The Lynn/ Dirigo team took a 3 run lead early but the Essex guys were able to shake off the hour and a half lay off and the numerous hot dogs consumed to put together a 5-4 victory.

Next Game is the annual Ipswich Ale Beer Truck Game on Sunday June 7th at Spencer Pierce Little Farm in Newbury
11am Essex vs. the Bristol Blues
12:30 Lynn Live Oaks v s. Bristol Blues
2pm Kids Game- all kids will be welcome to play
3pm- Essex/ Lynn vs. Ipswich Brewers (yes the brewers of Ipswich Ale will try their hand at vintage base ball)

Free Samples of Ipswich Ale will be provided. Directions- http://atlas.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?address=5%20Little%27s%20Lane&city=Newbury&state=MA&zoom=9