-Lowell Baseball Nine Roster


2015 Lowell Base Ball Nine

Chris "The Monkey" Sheehy

Chris “The Monkey” Sheehy

Brian "Cappy" Sheehy

Brian “Cappy” Sheehy

Payton Garbarino

Payton Garbarino

Jim "Prince" Bodwell

Jim “Prince” Bodwell

Rich Bernard

Russ "Headmaster" Marino

Russ “Headmaster” Marino

Rob "Death to Flying Things" Michaud

Rob “Death to Flying Things” Michaud


Alex Sandman

Jay "Swanny Boy" Sirois

Jay “Swanny Boy” Sirois

Brian "The Wizard" Besse

Brian “The Wizard” Besse

Eric "Goose" Gosselin

Eric “Goose” Gosselin

Brent "Specs" Jones

Brent “Squints” Jones


Jeremiah “Bull Frog” Pasternak

John "Face plant" Lynch

John “Face plant” Lynch


Matt “Duck” Blanchette

2013 Lowell Nine

2013 Lowell Nine

Lowell Nine 2014

Lowell Nine 2014


2014 EBBA Champs

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