Essex Mixed Nine Plays in Ohio Cup

The Essex Base Ball Club traveled to Ohio Village to participate in the 26th Annual Ohio Cup vintage baseball festival in Columbus, Ohio. Thirty-one vintage baseball teams participated in the Ohio Cup over Labor Day weekend. This was a special event for many reasons – one being that it was a pilgrimage home for two Essex players – Beau Bevens and Doug George, who are from Columbus, and Akron respectively.

Day 1 – Saturday September 3rd

Unfortunately, the remnants of Hurricane Harvey arrived on Saturday of the event. With waterlogged base balls and soggy socks, the Essex Nine started slowly against the Indianapolis Hoosiers. When the time ran out on the game, Indianapolis and Essex were tied with 3 runs on each side. In game two, the Columbus Capitals bats started hot and stayed hot, even with the rain continuing. The Essex ballists struck the ball well, but they could not stay with the Capitals on this day. In the final game of day one, the Essex Nine battled the St Louis Maroons and pulled out the victory in a 4-2 ballgame.

Day 2 – Sunday September 4th

The weather improved in day two of the Ohio Cup, as did the Essex players. In game one, Monitor Base Ball Club (BBC) of Chelsea couldn’t muster a run as the Essex Nine were victorious 7-0. In game two, the Akron Black Stockings and the Essex Nine played on Muffin Meadow. The Essex bats flourished. After only a few innings, due to time, the Essex team won 22-0. In the final game of the Ohio Cup, the Essex Nine played in one of the better battles of the event. The game featured great striking and fielding on each side. In the end, the Essex 9 pulled out the victory 12-8. The Essex 9 ended the event with a 4-1-1 record.

The Essex Base Ball Association would like to thank the Ohio Village Muffins for the invite to the Ohio Cup and send a thank you to all team who participated. We thoroughly enjoyed being part this successful event and hope to make it back in the future.


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