Newburyport Wins


It was Music Festival at Spencer Peirce Little Farm and the crowd poured in to catch the Essex Base Ball League’s playoff action.
Game 1 was an 8-7 victory for Newburyport over Lowell. It was a back and forth battle paced by defense and pitching. Newburyport’s Mike “Ace” Kent got the win on the hill, Bob “the Better” West threw out a runner stealing second late in the game, 3rd base was finely fielded by Paul “the New Guy” Chiozzi and Charlie “the new Dad” Ticotsky, leadoff hitter Ryan “Wild Wild” West was on base and stealing second all day, and Jon “Specs” Curley executed a delayed steal of third base that surprised even his own team. The game was closed out with a towering foul ball in left that was well field by the sure handed Patty “Boom Boom” Wadland with a runner on second.
The championship game was a 16-6 victory for Newburyport over Lynn.  Newburyport’s Matt “Queen of Diamonds” Larrabee broke out of what seemed a month long hitting slump hitting daisy cutter after daisy cutter. Jon “the Professor” Streff and Dan “Minuteman” Kent also paced the offense.
A big thank you from the EBBL to all of our family, friends, and fans for attending. And special thanks to Spencer Peirce Little Farm for hosting.
Our final event of the year is Jan’s Pitch on October 1st, we hope to see you there!

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