The Essex Base Ball Association Open 2016 Season- All teams split


In game 1, Newburyport extended it’s winning streak from last year’s undefeated season after a convincing victory over Lowell 15-6. The bats came alive as every Clamdigger was involved in the offense. The highlights were Mikey “Ace” Kent making his pitching debut and holding the potent Lowell offense at bay all game. His catcher, rookie Paul “the Wall” Chiozzi made countless put outs on foul tips in his first ever game.


In game 2, Lowell and Newburyport exchanged the lead back and forth throughout the game but Lowell was able to hang on to the victory 10-9 behind solid defense and the pitching of John “Face Plant” Lynch. The offense was balanced for the Lowell Nine but in his first game Brian “Rookie” Rivet helped pace the Lowell bats. Lowell would like to thank the members of the NH Granite for helping fill out our roster for the day.

In game 3, the Portsmouth Rockinghams and the Lynn Live Oaks opened their respective seasons. Lynn jumped out to an early lead by tallying 6 runs in the first inning and held the lead for the rest of the game.  Behind some well played defense Lynn was able to hold the Rockinghams at bay and get their first win of the year.  Highlights of the game: Brett ” Hardcore” Zanni played a very skilled third base and did not record an out while striking.  Rookie Derek “Black Beard” Boutwell had a good showing both at catcher and at the plate.  His moon shot to left center broke the game open in the 8th inning.


Game 4 of our Opening Day festivities saw the Portsmouth batters string several well placed hits throughout the middle innings to take a commanding lead over Lynn and never look back. Jared “Chops” Beaumont playing in his new starting position as catcher kept the Live Oak runners on their toes all afternoon with strong and accurate throws to 2nd base from behind the plate while the Rockingham outfielders had to contend with a gusty tail wind that forced them to play extra deep against Lynn’s bashers and make some great deep catches on the fly all afternoon.





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