Fire Works

On an absolutely perfect day with no rain in sight on the July 4th weekend the Essex Base Ball Organization put on a spectacular exhibition for a larger than expected crowd at this impromptu event at beautiful Spencer Peirce Little Farm in Newbury. Two evenly matched teams comprised of several vintage veterans and a few rookies faced off in two extra-inning nail biters. Captain Scapicchio and his band  from Lynn, Essex and Dirigo edged captain Champey’s nine from Portsmouth and Melrose in each of their last at bats of the twin bill. After Scapicchio’s nine rallied to tie the first game in the bottom of the 9th the game continued into the 11th  where a possible inning ending double play turned into the game winning run by a Dirigo speedster. The second match was no less exciting as the teams battled close for 9 innings until another deadlock was broken by a single run by the Scapicchio led squad in the top of the 10th.

The only dark spot on the day occurred during the middle of the first game when one of the ancient trees along Little’s Lane, which often provided us needed shade during the late season fall festival games, suddenly let out an enormous crack of a sound to rival any fireworks from the previous night. All players and cranks froze in amazement as we watched the tree continued to slowly shatter and collapse under its own weight taking out the power lines. It was simply it’s time to go and most fortunately no patrons, players, farm employees or animals were too close therefore nobody was harmed.

We return to league action Sunday July 12th for a quadruple header starting at 10am at Spencer Peirce Little Farm in Newbury, MA. Come check out the action.

July 5th Mixed Nine Game

July 5th Mixed Nine Game

Thanks to everyone for coming out today and filling the void we’ve had for the past few weeks.


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