The Past Two Weeks

May 2nd 2015 Concord MA Lynn Live Oaks vs. Lowell Ladies Men

May 2nd 2015 Concord MA Lynn Live Oaks vs. Lowell Ladies Men

The Essex Base Ball Organization has been busy the past two weeks with several great events. On Saturday May 2nd we traveled to Concord, MA to participate in our first of several events in partnership with the Concord Museum’s summer exhibit “The Art of Baseball”. This first game and the following one in July will strive to recreate the rivalry in 1877 between the Lynn Live Oaks and Lowell Ladies Men. The modern version of the rivalry started off well with both Lowell and the Live Oaks coming out swinging but due to a few errors in both games on the Live Oaks part the Ladies Men were able to win both games. We look forward to going back in July.

On Saturday May 9th a mixed nine from the Essex Base Ball Association traveled to Woodstock CT to play two teams they have never played before from the Nutmeg State.   In the first game against the Woodstock Hilltoppers the Essex boys took full advantage of the short right field and racked up numerous ground rule doubles. The defense was solid and hitting strong which allowed the Essex boys to win comfortably. In the second game we were matched up against the Wethersfield Red Onions and in a back and forth match Essex was able to hang on to a 13-10 victory.


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