Essex Looks Strong in 2015 Debut

Brooklyn Atlantics

Brooklyn Atlantics

The Essex Nine traveled to Smithtown, NY out on Long Island to participate in a festival put together by the Brooklyn Atlantics.  Teams traveled from MD, NY, RI, and NJ to participate in this wonderful event.  Essex found itself matched up against the Brooklyn Eckfords in the first game and the masterful swift pitching of Eric Miklich.  Despite his swift pitching and mixing of pitches the Essex bats could not be stopped plating 11 runs.  After a few early inning rustiness the Essex defense held pat and held off the solid Eckford offense to just 8 runs.  In the second game Essex was matched up against its rival the Brooklyn Atlantics.  The Essex defense was stellar and timely hitting allowed the Essex boys to return with an 8-2 victory. We would like to thank the Atlantics for having us. We hope to play the Eckfords and Atlantics in the future.


The Lynn Live Oaks and Lowell Base Ball Nine (playing as the 1877 Lowell Ladies Men) will travel to Concord, MA to play a recreation game May 2nd 12pm. For more information on the game click here.

1877 lowell base ball club


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