champs As we head into the end of the month of September the Essex Base Ball Association is beginning its playoffs.  Below is the schedule for the next few weeks, we have adjusted some times. Saturday September 20th Ipswich Harvest Fest 10am Lowell vs. Newburyport Clamdiggers.  Followed immediately by round 1 of the playoffs between the Lynn Live Oaks vs. Portsmouth Rockinghams.  It will be the best of 3, 7 inning games. Saturday September 27thAmerican Music and Harvest Fest 11am Lowell BBC vs. Dirigo, 12:30 Mudville vs. Dirigo, 2pm Mudville vs. Ipswich Brewers Sunday September 28American Music and Harvest Fest Round 2 of playoffs 11am- winner of round 1 vs. Clamdiggers best of 3, 7 inning games Saturday October 4th Championship game Winner of round 2 vs. Lowell Nine 11am


2 comments on “Playoffs….

  1. Bob Dyer says:

    If it rains, when is the decision made as we live in Maine and love watching it. Would Sunday be an alternate date?

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