Lowell Takes Two From Portsmouth


Today was another beautiful day on the farm. Fall is rolling in and there was a crispness to the air that puts a bounce in your step as you step out onto the field. It was great to have a few new cranks at the field today taking in vintage for the first time. It is always great to share the history of the game with new fans and pose for pictures with our stoic faces!

We were missing our catcher, Lynchy, as well as a few other players, but Doug and Mark from Lynn did a great job filling in. It was nice to have our outfield from last year play together for an entire day. All in all, it was looking like a good day for the Lowell Base Ball Nine.

That being said, the Rockinghams were not intimidated and made it known early in game 1 that they were not going to be an easy out. Daisy cutter after daisy cutter were being hit all over the field. Every single led to a stolen base. We knew they were going to steal on the first pitch, but they didn’t care. They were determined to put runs on the board. And did they ever. Most of the game was back and forth. Lowell’s sure-handed outfielders flubbed a few flies and Portsmouth’s outfielders lost several in the sun, all of which led to big innings for both clubs.

With Wiz also out today, Jeremiah was named starting hurler. He did a great job mixing speeds and throwing a mean moon ball. But in the sixth inning the Rockinghams capitalized on our poor fielding and kept pounding away putting up 6 runs to take the lead. At the end of seven, it was 13-10 and they were looking to give us our first loss of the season.

Though the middle of the lineup struggled for a few innings, the Lowell bats came alive with a two out ralley in the 8th, and some timely hitting in the 9th to push 6 more runs across that iron plate. Our defense held and we were able to stay undefeated for one more game with a 16-13 victory.

Between games Cappy somehow came up with fried chicken and Hello Kitty Fruit Snacks. Well, if you have been keeping up with our season, you may remember that fruit snacks, especially the Hello Kitty brand really lift the spirits of the Nine. As many of us woofed down the fruit snacks, Portsmouth got their fill of fried chicken. Now that was either a very gentlemanly gesture, or a shrewd competitive move. It is tough to know because Cappy is always smiling, but anyone who knows him knows that he will do almost anything to win. Now I am not saying that he put anything in that chicken, but I will say this, we won the second game 19-4 and the Rockinghams never really seemed into it.

If only there had been some Ipswitch Ale to wash it down with…

Thanks to all who came out. Make sure to come out to the farm the next few weeks as we wrap up the season, and begin post season play.

Don’t forget or most important game of the year October 18, the second annual Jan’s Pitch for Breat Cancer and the Arts.

Hip Hip – Huzzah!


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