Lynn and Newburyport split and Lowell stays undefeated

Lynn and Newburyport Split

Defense, pitching, and playing through injury were the themes of the first two games at the farm on Sunday, August 24th.

Game 1 was won by the Live Oaks 7-4. The Oaks got an emotional lift from the return of George Birmbas, who broke his wrist earlier this year while helping Lynn get its first win. Hurler Ralph Hebb threw an absolute gem holding the Clamdiggers to their lowest run tally all season. He also made a spectacular defensive play towards the end of the game preventing a Clamdigger rally. On a line drive hit on line back to the mound, Ralph slid to the left and caught the ball between his elbow and armpit.

Game 2 was payback for the Clamdiggers, winning 8-5. The player of the game was Clamdigger John Curley. In the 6th inning John made a routine fly ball catch in left but his finger got caught bending the wrong way. Instead of sitting out with a curved finger, he iced up on the bench and made two more plays the next inning. He also stepped up to the plate late in the game and hit a daisy cutter through the outfield. Also playing through injury was Mark Scapicchio (eye), Doug George (ankle), George Birmbas (wrist), Matt Larrabee (thumb), and Dan Kent (hand).

Huzzah to both teams for well played contests and playing through late season in injuries

In game three in a back and forth affair the Lowell Base Ball Nine were able to hold off the Portsmouth Rockinghams to win 12-9. Game four was a long match in which Lowell won easily 24-14.


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