Lowell vs. Live Oaks in the Rain

Chris "Monkey" Sheehy

Chris “Monkey” Sheehy

From Squints….
I have always loved rain on a summer day. I have many childhood memories from summer vacation that involved playing in the rain. My friends and I would ride our bicycles, play wiffle ball, or sometimes even go swimming in these summer rain showers. Riding and sloshing through mud and puddles has always been an exhilarating experience. This past Sunday was no different. Though older and not as excited about wearing wet clothing, there is still something special about hitting a ball with a stick in the middle of a rainstorm.

Mystery surrounded the day as we all wondered “Would it get worse? Would there be lightning? Will it clear? How bad would it have to be to call the game?” Yet even in the face of uncertainty, we eagerly stepped in the box, wiped our brow, and swung as early as possible hoping to move the game along quickly hoping to get at least one game in.

Rain is a great equalizer. Power hitters were consistently struggling to get the ball out of the infield. An occasional bat would fly through the sparse crowd if not properly toweled off prior to making a big swing. Fielders were dismayed when attempting to catch a wet ball on the fly or attempting to judge the bound. One ball may hit the ground with almost no bound. Another may skip off of the ground like a perfectly thrown flat rock across a glass still pond.

Lowell fielded 10 players, though Cappy and Goose, our two corner bagging power hitters, were missing. Monkey made up for their absence by hitting a home run and touching home plate in almost every inning. Though Lynn’s offense has been impressive of late, it could not get enough going on this sloppy rainy day. Lowell won the first game 14-8, and we decided to call the second game after the fifth as Lowell had an 18-4 lead. Though we had a great time, after 14 innings we were all ready to call it a day. It was really awesome to have 10-15 cranks enjoy themselves enough to power through the day with us. A big HUZZAH to you!

Right field was slow on this day. Jed never hit one in my direction. Perhaps its because he had mercy on me. Perhaps its because I have gotten closer and closer catching one of his bombs and he knew today was my day. Perhaps its because I asked Wiz to pitch him inside today as I couldn’t imagine fighting through 4 foot corn stalks, death soil that had turned to mud, and rain spotted spectacles. Or maybe it was simply because today was my day to leave the field with the cleanest jersey. I am going with that.


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