The Rockinghams and Oaks wow the crowd

It was all for the cranks on Sunday, July 20, as Lynn and Portsmouth split two games on a perfect summer day. Near-record numbers of base ball fans witnessed the two teams exchange the lead over and over with Portsmouth holding on to win the first game, 10-7, and Lynn rallying in the top of the ninth to take the second game, 16-14.

Freshly grown corn stalks in center-right field played a prominent role in the day’s event as well-struck fly balls from both teams sent outfielders sprinting into the crop to make catches or to dig for dropped ones. Cranks got in on the action, too, during quite a few foul balls which saw many near-collisions and spectacular diving catches.

Among many exciting plays, perhaps the one that cranks loved most came from Rockinghams’ striker Jim Leopardi, who placed a loop fly ball perfectly in the thickets of a tall bush on the third baseline. Live Oaks defense scrambled in the branches and brush to retrieve the ball but literally couldn’t find it before the Rockingams cleared the bases and Leopardi trotted home to a host of cheers.

At mid-season, Portsmouth continues to hone their edge while Lynn’s bats are louder and their defense is tougher than ever



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