The Wacky Game of Wicket and the NY Mutuals Travel to Massachusetts

Join the Essex Baseball Organization Saturday June 9th at Spencer Peirce Little Farm in Newbury, MA for Wicket and two 1861 rules Baseball Games. At 10am all ages are welcome to try their hand at the wild game of wicket. Wicket was a 19thcentury ball game played in Western, MA and CT that is similar to cricket but played with a much larger ball, underhand pitching, and a six foot bail that the striker must protect. Come learn about a nearly forgotten game and see one of the bat and ball games that played a part in the development of baseball.
Click link to the rules of wicket
wicket brochure

At 12pm and 2pm watch the Essex Base Ball Club take on the NY Mutuals in 1861 rules baseball which include no gloves, underhand pitching, and an out can be recorded on the first bounce.

Admission to the games are $5 and Ipswich Ale will be selling beer.

On Sunday June 10th at 12pm the Lowell Nine takes on the Lynn Live Oaks in Essex Base Ball Association action.


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