The Essex Base Ball Club, Melrose Pondfielders, and Newtown Sandy Hooks all traveled to beautiful Spencer Peirce Little Farm in Newbury this past Saturday to take part in a triple header. Despite temperatures that were in the high 90’s the teams battled hard and each club was able to take one game on the day. In the first game the Pondfielders were able to deal the Essex Nine their first loss since late May holding on to a 5-4 victory. In the second game the Sandy Hooks beat the Pondfielders 15-5. In the third game the Essex Nine rebounded and beat the Hooks 11-5.

After the games Spencer Peirce Little Farm hosted its second annual Beer, Baseball, and BBQ dinner in their newly renovated barn. Ipswich Ale supplied the beer and Tennessee BBQ supplied the food. A fine dinner was had by all.

Next game
Have you ever wondered how baseball was played 150 years ago? Join the Essex Base Ball Club on Saturday, July 30th at Spencer Peirce Little Farm (5 Littles Lane, Newbury, MA) to learn the rules of 19th century ‘base ball’ and to try your hand at playing yourself. Take a few swings just for fun – or show us your skills and try out to join a new league we’re forming for the 2012 season! The fun starts at 12 p.m. For more information contact Brian Sheehy at historyball@yahoo.com, or visit http://www.essexbaseball.wordpress.com.


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