Strong Weekend

This past weekend saw both the Essex Nine and Lynn Live Oaks in action. On Saturday the Essex Nine traveled on a ferry to Fort Warren on Georges Island in Boston Harbor to square off against the Mudville BBC and the Saginaw Old Golds from Saginaw Michigan. In the first game the Essex ballists had to get used to the foreign rules of the Massachusetts game which included stakes for bases, no foul territory, and recording out by soaking (throw the ball at the run). Despite their relative inexperience in the style of game the Essex Nine was able to come out victorious over Mudville.

In the second game playing by their familiar 1861 New York style rules the Essex Nine chipped away at the boys from Michigan winning 12-4. The highlight of the game was Boom Boom hopping a fence and landing on his back to recover a baseball. Despite his valiant effort the Saginaw striker still managed a homerun. The Essex Nine would like to thank Mudville for the invite to the game and wish all the best to the Saginaw guys from Michigan. It was a great day and great to play a team from another section of the country.

On Sunday the Lynn Live Oaks took on the Ipswich Brewers in two games at Smolak Farm in North Andover. Both games were one sided with Lynn taking commanding leads in both games and never looking back. The final scores were forgotten but fun was had all around.

On June 11th and 12th both the Essex Nine and Lynn Live Oaks will be traveling to Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown NY for a showdown between teams from the East vs. teams from the West. The Lynn Live Oaks will be replacing the Melrose Pondfielders.


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