The Perfect Day

On Saturday the Essex Nine traveled to the beautiful Spencer Peirce Little Farm in Newbury to take part in Ipswich Ale’s annual Fall Festival. The day could not have been nicer for the four games and other festivities at the farm. After a quick photo shoot very early in the morning the Essex Nine took the field against the always tough Bristol Blues. In the first two innings the Essex squad tallied ten quick runs and looked liked they would run away with the game but the Bristol Blues clamped down and held the local Nine scoreless for the rest of the game. Bristol chipped away little by little to narrow the final score to 10-6. In the second game Bristol and Hingham battled back and forth throughout the game but the more experienced Bristol Blues were able to capture the victory. In the third game Essex returned to action against the Hingham Nine and quickly jumped out to a large lead that they never relinquished winning 15-4. The last game saw the Essex Nine come out for their third game of the day against their good friends the Mudville Nine. In a close game the Essex Nine was able to pull out the victory 10-8.

The event was a huge success with around 2,000 people in attendance throughout the day. We would like to thank Ipswich Ale for allowing us to be part of their event. Many thanks goes out to the people at SPL Farm, the Bristol Blues, Hingham Nine, and Mudville BBC for making it such a great day. We would also like to thank author Ed Achorn for showing up with his very popular book “Fifty Nine in 84”.

Essex returns to action Sunday September 26th at Spencer Peirce Little Farm in Newbury for Essex National Heritage’s Trails and Sails weekend. Games will kick off at 11am. Admission is free and there will be Ipswich Ale samples on hand.


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