Jammed Pack Weekend

On Saturday the Essex Nine traveled to Brimfield, MA for “The Civil War Reenactment: The Battle of Brimfield”. For the day a local group of softball players put down their metal bats and gloves and tried their hand at 1861 rules. Despite being a little short handed the Essex Nine was able to borrow a few cranks from the crowd to fill out the roster. The Essex Nine expected to control the game from the beginning the experienced softball players sprayed the ball all over the field. The final score was not remembered but a great game of 1861 base ball was played. After the game Brian “Cappy” Sheehy headed over to the main tent and gave a lecture on the history of 19th century base ball.

Sunday a mix of Essex and Lynn players joined the Bristol Blues and Ipswich Brewers out on Georges Island for a full day of games. In the first game Essex/ Lynn battled the Bristol Blues back and forth but ended up victorious 14-10. The Essex/ Lynn squad was aided by a 7th inning in which all 10 of their batters went up to the plate. In the second game the Blues took out their frustrations on the Brewers, winning handily. The last match was an abbreviated affair but once again saw the Essex and Lynn contingent win the match.

A mix of Essex and Lynn players will head up to New Gloucester Maine this Saturday August 14th to take on the Dirigo BBC of Maine.


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