Two Days Two Games

Cambridge 8-8-09 006

On Saturday six members of the Essex Base Ball Organization teamed up with two members of the Mudville Nine to take on four members of the Ironsides BBC, three members of the Ipswich Brewers, and one NH Granite in a set of innings that included 1861, 1871, 1886, and 1900 rules. The event was in conjunction with the Cambridge Discovery Days and as always members of the EBBC dressed up as John Clarkson and Joe Kelley (2 of the 3 Hall of Fame players from Cambridge). The underhand rules went very smoothly with the vintage base ball newbie’s from the Ironsides and Brewers fairing very well. In the overhand innings Brian “Cappy” Sheehy after 21 years of playing baseball finally got his chance at pitching and pitched admirably striking out at least five, while one hitting one. The exact score is not known but the day saw some new vintage base ballists trying out some new rules and enjoying themselves in the process. The Essex Organization would like to thank all of the teams for coming to support the day and to the Cambridge Discovery Days for setting everything up.

Sunday saw the Essex Nine head off to Georges Island to take on the DCR Park Rangers. Despite some first inning woes the rangers held their own but the experience of the Essex ballists was too much in the end and they fell 10-1. The second game was a mix matched kid’s game and fun was had all around. Pictures from the weekend are on our facebook group. The Lynn Live Oaks head back to Georges Island on Saturday August 22nd to take on the Fitchburg Rollstones.

The Essex Club returns to action this Sunday as they travel to Thomas Point Beach in Brunswick Maine to take on the Dirigo Base Ball Club. Game begins at 1pm for more info on Thomas Point Beach


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