Ipswich 375th game
Oil Can Boyd

The Essex Base Ball Organization had a busy weekend with games on both Saturday and Sunday and then an appearance on Monday.

Saturday saw the Beaneaters travel up to Nashua NH to take on the NH Granite. Despite several new faces in the outfield, the team was led by the always strong pitching of Chris “Monkey” Sheehy and coasted to a 13-4 victory. The Beaneaters return to action Saturday August 1st as they take on the Boston Colonials.

Sunday July 26th the Essex Nine traveled to Ipswich, MA to celebrate the 375th anniversary of the town of Ipswich. The day started with the Essex Nine matched up against the Ipswich Little League All Stars. After two innings with the little league players the Essex Nine saw the debut of the Ipswich Brewers of the Mercury Brewing Company. In brand new uniforms the Brewers held their own with the much more seasoned Essex boys. The final score was lost to the ages. We would like to thank the Ipswich Historical Society for setting up the event and the Mercury Brewing Company who were generous enough to allow the players to sample their fine brew. We look forward to many more games with the Brewers as they are a fine group of guys.

Cappy, Monkey, and Scaps headed up to Manchester, NH on Monday night to be part of the NH Fisher Cats Negro League Night. Former Red Sox pitcher Dennis Oil Can Boyd was on hand along with Larry Tye the author of Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend. We listened to some stories about Satchel page and got to meet Oil Can Boyd (who is a character) but unfortunately a thunder storm knocked out the power and the game was postponed.


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