Vintage Base Ball Goes To Ireland

Brian and Chris Sheehy made the long trip over to Ireland last week to bring the history of baseball to the children of Ireland. The brothers showed up at Corkagh Demesne Park in Clondalkin, West Dublin on a dreary Saturday morning not knowing what to expect but were pleasantly surprised to see 18 or so 7-12 year olds who were more than happy to learn about the history of baseball from two guys from the Boston area. Cappy took a few minutes to show the kids several uniforms, gloves, and baseballs, and after the show and tell session Cappy moved on to the rules and explained how they changed in the 19th century. Finally, Cappy explained why he was wearing his new red Lawrence uniform, and he explained that Patsy Donovan (who was born in County Cork and moved to Lawrence, MA) wore this uniform in 1886. Donovan may be one of the best players who was ever born in Ireland and Cappy wrote an article on him a few years back click here. After all of the talk (which judging by the quiz after the game they all remembered) they decided to let the kids play an inning. For a sport that is relatively new in Ireland the kids showed some great fundamentals and even picked up the vintage game quickly calling their fellow teammates muffins after they swung and missed. After the inning the kids were gathered together and huzzahs were cheered and kids activity packs were passed out. Cappy and Monkey would like to thank everyone involved with Baseball in Ireland for the opportunity to educate the kids on the history of the game.

Upcoming Events
Sat July 25th 1pm Beaneaters vs. NH Granite Pennichuck Middle School 207 Manchester St. Nashua, NH 03064

Come join the Essex Base Ball Club for an event Sunday July 26th at 4pm at Raymond Fields (94 Essex Rd (Route133) in Ipswich, MA. The Essex Nine is teaming up with the Ipswich Historical Society and Mercury Brewing Company to celebrate the 375th anniversary of Ipswich. The day kicks off at 4pm with the Essex Nine playing two innings against the Ipswich Little League All Stars. After the two innings the Mercury Brewing Company will unveil the newest vintage base ball club in New England, the Ipswich Brewers. The day promises to be a good exhibit of 1861 base ball and beer and food will be available for sale.

Admission, non-members $5/person, $20/family. Members, $3/person, $15/family

Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the action.


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