Opening Weekends For the Three Clubs

The Lynn Live Oaks kicked off their season on April 25th with a bang with two knock down drag out battles with the revamped Melrose Pondfielders.  The first game was a game in which one team would score 3 and then the other team would score 4 but luckily in the bottom of the 9th the Oaks were able to knock in the winning run to take the game 23-22.  The Oaks were not as fortunate in the second game as the Ponfielders were able to steal their thunder with a bottom of the 9th walk off hit to take the game 12-11. 

The Essex Nine matched up the following day against the always tough Fitchburg Rollstones and neither team disappointed.  The first game saw the Rollstones take the victory with a 13-10 win but the Essex Club pulled themselves together and took game two 20-12.  This means that all four teams in the Northern MA Vintage Base Ball League are tied for first place with a 1-1 record. 

The Boston Beaneaters traveled down to Warwick RI this past weekend to take on last year’s 1886 Eastern Division New England Vintage Base Ball League champions the Olneyville Cadets.  The Beaneaters traveled down to Warwick with only 7 regular players but they picked up a new recruit and played the game with only 8, but despite being short handed the Beaneaters dominated the day winning 22-6.  The team was lead by Chris ‘The Monkey” Sheehy who took to the pitchers box and dominated the Cadets batters with his array of pitches.  The Beaneater bats were also in mid season form putting up multiple runs in just about every inning. 

The Essex Nine returns to action Saturday May 9th at 12pm at Endicott Park in Danvers as they square off against their archrivals the Melrose Pondefielders.  Admission is free so bring a chair and enjoy base ball as it was played in 1861.


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