Beaneaters at Old Bethpage

The Boston Beaneaters traveled to Long Island NY this past weekend to participate in the 11th annual Old Bethpage Festival.  On Saturday the Beaneaters were matched up against the Elizabeth Athletic Club but I guess they got nervous and decided to leave.  We ended up playing a mixed nine squad made up of members of the EAC, Providence Grays, and NY Gothams.  Drew Murphy took the mound and was dominate in the 13-2 win.


On Sunday we were matched up against the Providence Grays and after a back and forth battle the score was 7-7 through nine innings.  Unfortunately we were on a time limit and could not go into extra innings so we had to settle for a tie.


The Beaneaters would like to thank all of the people who put the festival together and the Providence Grays for chipping in and on Saturday and making something out of nothing.  We would also like to thank them for a great game on Sunday.


Bethpage Pics


Upcoming Events

Sunday August 10th 12pm at Glen Magna/ Endicott Park in Danvers, MA.

The Essex Base Ball Club will take on the Lynn Live Oaks in 1861 rule action.  This game will be open to the public so anyone wishing to try their hand at vintage base ball can join in and play.  Admission is free but donations are welcome.  Bring a blanket or chair and enjoy the action.




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