Spencer Pierce

The Essex Nine and the Lynn Live Oaks traveled this past weekend to Spencer Pierce Farm in Newbury, MA to take on the always powerful Waterbury Connors.  Despite both squads losing their games against the Connors and having to withstand 90+ degree heat the day was a huge success for the organization.  The people at Spencer Pierce estimated that there were 300 fans throughout the day and many said how much they enjoyed the games.  The clubs look forward to heading back there in September.  Check out our picture section for pictures from the day.  On a side note- the Essex Club must say that the Newbury little leaguers that they played were fine ballists and we look forward to again avenging a heart breaking loss to them in September. 


Coming Up

The Boston Beaneaters return to action this weekend on Saturday as they participate in a 5 team tournament in Brighton, MA.  The details and times are still being worked out but they will join the Boston Colonials, Hartford Senators, RI Game Hens, and NH Granite.


On Sunday the Essex Nine does not have to wait long to avenge their lost this past weekend as the Connors travel back up to the Boston area to participate in a Father’s Day celebration on Georges Island in Boston.  The games are scheduled for 11am and 1pm.  For more information on the ferry and George’s Island check out http://www.bostonislands.com/events_results_detail.asp?ID=697&curric=false


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