Spencer Peirce Little Farm…. Rain, No Way

As usual any game involving the Essex Base Ball Club at Spencer Peirce Little Farm in Newbury, MA is doomed with bad weather and this past Sunday was no different.  The rain did not keep the boys off the field though, as the brave ballist of the Essex BBC and the Lynn Live Oaks squared off in the first of three games scheduled for the day.  The game started with a light drizzle and ended in a downpour.  The exact score of the game is not known but the Essex Nine was thought to capture the victory quite easily.  The second and third game saw members of the Meddowe BBC come up and play a mixed Essex and Lynn squad.  In the first game Essex tallied several runs in the first few innings and held on to the victory.  Meddowe usually plays 1886 rules so after a quick lesson in the second game they took off full force in the third game tallying run after run.  The Essex guys may have been tired from playing in the rain but there were few excuses for the poorly played third game.


The Essex BBC and Lynn Live Oaks would like to extend a thank you to the people from Spencer Peirce Little Farm (hopefully one of these times there will be nice weather), Ipswich Ale for providing players and spectators with fine beverages, and to the Meddowe Club for making the trip up in the rain.  We look forward to playing you guys in the future.

Both Essex and Lynn return to action this Sunday 1pm at Cornea Warren Field Waltham, MA. Come catch the action and maybe even play in the second game.


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