The Past Two Weeks

The Essex Base Ball Club traveled to Bangor Maine on Saturday August 11th to participate in the Senior Little League World Series.  Teams from all around the globe travel to Bangor to participate in this wonderful event.  The Essex club squared off against there good friends the Dirigo club in two exhibitions, which saw each team capture a victory.  The stadium was full for the night game and all who were there enjoyed the fine display of vintage ball. We would like to thank the Dirigo Club for a fine day of games and all of the people from the Senior Little League World Series that made it such a great event. 

On Sunday August 19th the Essex Base Ball Club and Haverhill Historical Society sponsored a small tournament at Riverside Park in Haverhill, MA.  Members of the Essex Base Ball Club, Waterbury Connors, Bristol Blues, Lynn Live Oaks, and Thames Base Ball Club spent the day entertaining the cranks with solid vintage base ball action.  The Essex Club would like to thank the Haverhill Historical Society and all the clubs that made the trip. 

Catch all three of the teams as they participate in the 2nd annual New England Vintage Base Ball All Star Game.  11 teams will be traveling to Clinton, MA to participate in a 1861 and an 1886 game.  Gates open at 12pm, games are at 2pm and 4pm, see attached for more details. 



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