Vintage Base Ball Odyssey

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Rob “Stumbles” Michaud, Chris “The Monkey” Sheehy, and Brian “Cappy” Sheehy set off this past weekend on a pilgrimage of vintage base ball that took them from all the way from Massachusetts to Long Island New York and then back to Massachusetts. 

The weekend kicked off on Friday as they headed to Middlesex Community College in Bedford, MA to show 20 or so kids how to play baseball by the rules of 1861.  Despite a temperature close to 95 the guys and the kids spent nearly an hour learning and playing the game.  The kids loved playing by the rules and the guys enjoyed teaching the kids how they played baseball in 1861. 

From Bedford the boys headed to Jericho, NY to stay over night and then play the following day at the Mecca of vintage base ball- Old Bethpage Restoration Village.  On Saturday the guys woke early and found themselves at the field around 8:30- which was well before most players- but the three guys were able to wander around and were in awe of the fields and the surroundings.  Cappy and Monkey did not waste too much time taking in the scenery as their services were needed by the Hartford Dark Blues and they squared off against the NY Gothams in an 1864 rules match.  Despite a good showing offensively by both guys (the guys decided to dawn the Boston Beaneaters uniforms for the tournament) the Dark Blues lost a tough one.  In the next game all three guys helped out their good friends the Waterbury Connors as they took on a team from Elkton, MD.  The Connors with some help from the three Beaneaters took a commanding lead and never let go.  In the middle of the game the services of Cappy were needed by the Cornish Game Hens so he headed over to the other field to help them play the Providence Grays.  Despite an RBI hit by Cappy the Grays squeaked out a victory over the Hens.  The next game for the Connors (both Monkey and Stumbles played) was against the Gothams, and again with the help of the Beaneaters, the Connors held on to victory.  In the last game of the day the Game Hens (along with Cappy) were paired up against the Elizabeth Athletic Club in a match played by 1891 rules.  The game was a back and forth match which the EAC was able to pull out in the bottom of the 8th inning.  After the games the Village sponsored a BBQ for the players.  All three of the guys would like to thank all of the teams that let them play along with them and to all of the people at Old Bethpage who made for a wonderful day.  Hopefully the Essex Club will be able to send a squad down there next year for the tournament.

After a drive to New Haven, CT on Saturday night the boys awoke early Sunday morning to head to Mattapoisett, MA as Essex and the Ironsides BBC was set to face off against the Bristol Blues.  The first game was a close one with the Blues holding on to a 4-3 win.  The second game much like the first was a low scoring affair that ended with the Blues again victorious 5-2.  The games were a lot of fun and it was nice to see the Blues again.  The Essex guys would like to thank them and the Ironsides BBC for a wonderful day.  We hope to see a team spring up on the South coast of MA in the near future.

For more pictures of the weekend

Slideshow from Sunday’s game


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