Rain…. Rain


Unfortunately the Sheep Shearing Festival scheduled for Sunday May 20th was canceled due to rain.  The Essex Club was looking forward to the day and seeing their good friends the Melrose Pondfielders, but Mother Nature did not corporate.  On the bright side the off week gives Essex and Lynn time to gear up for a busy June.  The month of June kicks off Saturday June 2nd with an exhibition against the Ken Waldie Senior Sports Club in a 1861 game followed by a modern softball game. The games start at 1pm at Burnham Rd. Methuen, MA. The weekend then heats up Sunday as Essex and Lynn participate in the first of three New England Vintage Base Ball League tournaments in Bristol, RI.

The Beaneaters hope to continue their winning ways this Memorial Day weekend as they participate in the 2nd annual Pittsfield Tournament.  The Beaneaters face off on Saturday against the always powerful Hartford Senators at 1:30.  This is a rematch of sorts from last year when an Essex/
Waterbury squad lost 7-4.  With a year of overhand pitching experience the Beaneaters look to play an even stronger game and possibly knock off the powerful Senators.  


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