St Patty’s Parade

The Essex Base Ball Club, the Lynn Live Oaks, and the Boston Beaneaters were all represented at the annual Lawrence, MA St. Patty’s Day parade Sunday March 11th. 

Cappy and Foley (wow he looks mean) transpixel

Stumbles and Monkey


It was a beautiful day outside and the four players had a very good time marching around the streets of Lawrence.  Foley and Monkey enjoyed entertaining the crowd with their wondering dancing to 60’s Invasion. The crowd was also very impressed with the very stylish new Boston Beaneaters uniforms. 

The teams are looking forward to getting outside and practicing.  The first official practice will at 1pm on Sunday March 25th at Greater Lawrence Technical High School.  For more information contact Brian Sheehy at 978-790-5707 or email More Photos from the parade

King of the Castle transpixel

 King of the Castle


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