The Essex Base Ball Organization will have a new team in 2007, the Boston Beaneaters.  The Beaneaters, a team modeled after the National League team that played in the late 1880’s, will be made up of members of the Essex Nine and Waterbury Connors.  The team will play exclusively overhand rules and will participate in several tournaments in 2007.  The team hopes that the skillful pitching in 2006 of Chris ‘The Monkey” Sheehy and Jim “Crazy Legs” Wigren will carry over to 2007.   


Along with the new men’s team we are trying something unprecedented in
New England, start a women’s vintage base ball team.  Women’s teams are very successful in the mid west and upstate NY.  We hope to have two teams up and running by the end of the 2007 season.  For more information on women’s baseball check out .

If people are interested contact Brian Sheehy at 978-790-5707 or email


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