Photos/ Video/ Podcasts

2013 WGBH Video
Newburyport Today Video
Video Slide Show

Photos by Matt Muise
Julia Zanette’s pictures from Jan’s Pitch Game part 2
Julia Zanette’s Photos part 1 of Jan’s Pitch Game
Matt Muise Photos from October 19th Jan’s Pitch for Breast Cancer
October 5th Championship Game
Lowell vs. Clamdiggers July 7 2013
Live Oaks vs. Lowell June 30th 2013
Mid Season Shots 2013
Clamdiggers vs. Live Oaks 6-2-2013
Opening Day 5-5-2013
2013 Preseason Rockingham Shoot
Newburyport vs. Lowell 7-10-2012
Lynn vs. Lowell 7-19-2012
Essex vs. Brooklyn 8-12-2012
Newburyport vs. Lynn 9/23/2012
September 19 2012

Link to Podcasts

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